We have always used only fresh, high-quality products.
Because your safety and satisfaction are our happiness.


La Svolta confectionery in Lodi fresh and tasty bakery products

The confectionery La Svolta in Lodi (Caselle Lurani) is the right place to find quality products that delight the palate of those who taste them.

We are a reference point for lovers of sweets, where you can find all kinds of pastries, biscuits, cakes and savory products, all prepared in a traditional way and with materials of the highest quality and choice.

At the pastry shop La Svolta we passionately take care of every product in our laboratory to make cakes and salads that will have a natural and genuine flavor. We are specialized in the production of cakes and biscuits, cakes for parties and ceremonies, whether simple or imaginative and colorful to give a touch of joy to your party.

Passion and dedication to good things are the characteristics that distinguish us and that have allowed us to bring our products throughout the country and internationally.

Every cake has its own story: the person you prepare it for, the feelings you feel while you prepare it.
Everything gets into your hands and while you knead, you think with your hands, you love with your hands and you create with your hands.


We are located in the industrial area of Caselle Lurani (Calvenzano). Some navigators may not find the way, or take you wrongly to Salerano al Lambro. We apologize for this inconvenience.